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Sharing economy logistics

Sharing: a lesson for more than just kin...

“Sharing instead of owning” is not some flash-in-the-pan trend. As a new business model, it offers many opportunities, especially for logistics. DHL has just released a report on this evolving revolution underway.

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Measurement methods

Zero emissions in practice

Logistics with zero emissions is an ambitious goal. But how is that zero calculated? Standards are required. Homogeneous measurement methods across all modes of transport are important. If these are missing, progress can be hindered.

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Electric mobility

E means effective

In addition to passenger transport, the introduction of electric mobility to freight transport is also essential. This will enable goods transport to join the environmentally friendly movement. Positive examples show that the industry is on the right track.

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Tops and flops: competence and quality

Knowledge means quality

In its Logistics Performance Index (LPI), the World Bank surveyed the logistics industries of 160 states. It examined a plethora of different logistics criteria – including the “competence and quality of logistics services”.

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Roadmap to reform

Recipe for growth

To promote road transport around the world – that is the subject of the guide the World Bank presented at the International Road Transport Union (IRU) in Marrakech.

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Tops and flops: track and trace

All facts at a glance?

In its Logistics Performance Index (LPI), the World Bank ranks 160 states according to different logistics criteria – including the “ability to track and trace consignments”.

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