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Trusting the future of trucking

The completely autnomous controlled truck will become a reality. That is a fact. But are consigners & such really ready to rely on the new technology?

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Short Survey

Artificial Intelligence on the home straight?

Winning on short notice: Tell us your opinion on the use of Artificial Intelligence and get tickets to the Formula-E race in Berlin.

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Short Survey

A motion of confidence?

Would you entrust a completely autonomous truck with your load? Tell us your opinion and win a miniature truck model!

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Load Factor

Strong demand

The current situation in the European logistics industry and the load factor at the turn of the year 2017/18 – a commentary from Martin Veen, Head of M&A & Strategic Projects, DHL Freight.

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New Heavy Truck Registration

Growth on a high level

During the first half of 2017, the numbers of new heavy goods vehicles (HGV) in Europe grew by just 2.2 %, compared with the relevant timeframe 2016.

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Feasible – in the long term

Results of the Freight Connections survey on the future of internal combustion engines.

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