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Freight Theft

Unpleasant record

In 2017, the number of freight thefts once again increased significantly. On the other hand, a whole bundle of actions, from protection technology and intelligent route planning to decisive action by politics can help.

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Short Survey

Between a rock and a hard place?

The trade conflict between the USA and Europe does not show any signs of abating, instead it could flare up any moment. Will your business be affected?

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Load Factor

Solid upward tendency

Commentary on the current situation in the European logistics industry and the load factor during the first quarter 2018 from Martin Veen, Head of M&A & Strategic Projects, DHL Freight

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Comment by Eugen Weinberg, Commerzbank

Price rise won’t last long

Due to higher crude oil prices and a weak Euro, the diesel market experienced an upward trend in the last months. But increasing production rates and diminishing demand will provide some relief in the second half of the year.

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Your opinion:

Artificial Intelligence might force a re...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among the foremost fields in scientific research. But are there any fields within the logistics industry where AI might become a real factor in the future?

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New Heavy Truck Registration

Uphill trend in March

t the moment the market for Heavy Goods Vehicles of 16 tons and above does show a significant upswing.

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