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Stefano Arganese

A multi-cultural success story

Directly in the path of geopolitical upheaval, but still on track and working on prosperity for the future – DHL Freight Central Eastern Southern Europe and Americas, Middle East, Africa is meeting all challenges head on.

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Robert Ziegler, Head of Operations, CEO BE + NL + UK, DHL Freight [Photo: DHL]

Robert Ziegler

Standstill is not an option

The heads of state and government of the G20 countries have met in Hamburg. A major point of discussion at the summit was the issue of protectionism, which we actually thought had been overcome…

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“DHL Freight is the heart of logistics...

An interview with Uwe Brinks, who has been the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DHL Freight since January.

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Amadou Diallo:

Exciting times

The year 2016 has had a few surprises in store for us, but also interesting opportunities.

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DHL Iberia

Good chances in south-west Europe

Even a complicated market provides many opportunities for logistics companies, customer-oriented thinking and acting.

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Customer Satisfaction

People still make the difference!

E-Commerce is changing the landscape of logistics. But it is the “human” sales representatives who will continue to remain the key brand ambassadors, as illustrated by Rainer Schmid, Director Marketing & Sales DHL Freight.

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