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Augmented reality

A clear view

Data glasses are the new industry trend in order picking.

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Fruit import

A mature process

Due to their high sensitivity, the transportation of bananas is one of the major challenges in food logistics. DHL FoodLogistics has found the best way of transporting this popular fruit.

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New index

Lead indicator for Global Trade

DHL is using artificial intelligence for trade forecasting. This gives companies an additional source of information for their business decisions.

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Air racers

Innovation on the fly

When pilots with opaque goggles can still see and when drones fly at over 100 kilometers per hour, adrenaline is the order of the day.

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Best Practice

A sparkling on the rails

No wedding or new years eve without a bottle of bubbly! DHL Freight arranges a smooth transport of the beverages produced by Spains largest winery to the German market.

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Country report Sweden

Success between the Danish Straits and t...

Long roads, hard winters: the terrain definitely shapes the challenges facing DHL Freight in Sweden. But the service offered there is out-of-the ordinary in every way, going beyond the usual portfolio.

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