[Photo: StreetScooter]

E-mobile into the future

The StreetScooter WORK – now available in XL

The WORK XL with even more cargo space is the latest development from the electro-mobility manufacturer StreetScooter. DHL Freight also relies on the emissions-free, quiet speedster.

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Issue 3/2018 published

The story so far…

Download now: The new print edition of DHL Freight Connections comprises the most important stories of the last quarter.

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[Photo: Deutsche Post DHL Group]

Solar energy

Rooftop power station

The Deutsche Post DHL Group remains a forerunner on environmental protection technologies for logistics. The new TRAILAR solution cuts fuel consumption of trucks by five percent, therefore reducing carbon dioxide emissions and maintenance costs.

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[Photo: DHL]

Tenth anniversary: Global Volunteer day

Making the world a better place

“Action, not words” – with this slogan DHL Freight participated once again in the Global Volunteer Day (GVD). This group-wide initiative animates many thousand employees to engage themselves voluntarily in local and charitable projects around the globe.

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[Photo: DHL/Pepo Schuster]

DHL Campus Vienna Airport

Making One out of Three

From 2019 on, the new hub for road and air freight right at the gates of Vienna, will significantly reduce transit times. The new hub will concentrate the activities of DHL in the Vieanna area, presently scattered at several locations, and the just about 250 employees at one facility.

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Country report

Outpost with potential

Croatia is the EU’s gateway to the Balkans and an important transit country, but has little industry of its own. DHL Freight Croatia has positioned itself accordingly and relies heavily on groupage and local distribution.

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