[Photo: Airbus S.A.S photo by Sébastien Ognier]


Big birds taking off

Aviation logistics is an extremely complex business, which DHL understands masterfully. This was once again proven by the Best Performer Award from Airbus.

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Fresh Fruits

Juice up your life

Food logistics – how produce moves from farm to consumer – is not well-known by the public. These behind-the-scenes steps are vital to ensure quality, safety and traceability in a global food supply.

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Freight platform Saloodo!

Digital big break

DHL Freight brings together shippers and transport providers in Europe – with the introduces new fully customized digital Freight platform Saloodo! It facilitates processing from one pallet to full truck load.

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[Photo: DHL]

FIA World Endurance Championship

Le Mans on world tour

DHL transports equipment for the FIA World Endurance Championship around the globe – from racing cars to fuel.

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[Photo: STELIA Aerospace]

Aircraft assembly

The right fit!

DHL Freight provides individual and reliable solutions for highly complex logistics chain in aeronautics.

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Intermodal transportation

Staying on the ground

Overland to Asia – new routes for overseas trade

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