[Photo: Nordson Corporation]

Nordson Corporation

Strong cooperation

DHL Freight is Nordson Corporation’s reliable partner for all logistics throughout Europe – and soon even beyond.

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Network Improvements

Update on DHL Freight Network

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[Photo: DHL]

GoGreen India

Standing up for forests

The area covered by forests around the world is constantly receding. But every single new tree can help, as shown by DHL in India.

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[Photo: iStock/silverjohn]

DHL Freight Finland

The Northern star

DHL Freight Finland handles approximately 1.8 million tons of freight a year – and has a service to offer for every logistics need.

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[Photo: dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co.KG]

Drugstore chain dm

Good distribution

For nearly a decade, the drugstore chain dm has been counting on the expertise of DHL Freight.

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[Photo: iStock/thitivong]

export market

Bridge to Iran

DHL Freight is opening up the Iranian export market for German and European companies. Teams of experts are organizing Iran transports from the gateways in Frankfurt and Istanbul. An experienced partner is at hand to ensure everything goes smoothly on location.

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