Network Improvements

Update on DHL Freight Network

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Success story

Heroes of the night

Driving while everyone else sleeps. For two years now, DHL Freight Denmark has been shipping deliveries to construction sites, workshops, factories and other locations on an urgent basis – and all between midnight and 7 am. Although they may not come across any people in doing so, the drivers manage to make around 2000 total deliveries daily – and practically without any errors.

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Das neue Freight Quotation Tool ist in 28 Ländern und 23 verschiedenen Sprachen verfügbar.

Quotation Tool

Just click for the price

The new Freight Quotation Tool allows DHL Freight customers and prospects to get information on the prices of scheduled shipments in seconds without even having to register. For instance, how much does it cost to ship a 1,200-kilo pallet from Munich to Bilbao? Or how long will a 450-kilo power generator take to get from Stockholm […]

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Country report

Successfully countersteered

Greece was hit hard during the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent public debt crisis: Economic output fell by around a quarter. In order to survive economically under these conditions, logistics companies had to think innovatively. DHL Freight invested instead of saving, and was right.

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ISO standardization

Quality – signed and sealed

It is a clearly visible sign for highest quality and environmental standards: DHL Freight has received certification of its global management system by DEKRA based on ISO standards. The first 88 branches have been audited, all else will follow suit until 2020.

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DHL white paper

Flexibility is the clincher on the last ...

In 2030, 600 million more humans will be living in the world’s metropolitan areas in 2030 than today. Collaborating with Euromonitor, DHL has identified the four main trends that are shaping future delivery services to these customers.

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